Multiple & Portable ELISA

Patents: EP 1 499 894 B1 - USPTO 7,510,687 - ZL 03 8 10029.0 - PCT/IT03/00218 - WO 03/085401

The innovation and its advantages

Multiple & Portable ELISA is based on patented innovative method and device:

the multi-catcher device with 8 or 12 immunosorbent ogival pins, held in a special rack suitable for moving 8 or 12 multi-catcher devices, easily and simultaneously.

Device pins are sensitized with different catchers and different tests are carried out in one shot.

No Lab equipments are needed for:

Sample enrichment and sample concentration are not needed: the tested sample aliquot increases, easing the highly diluted target detection.

System Components

Performing the Test

  1. dip a multi-catcher device in the collected sample and incubate

extract the device and wash it
2. assemble the devices in the rack, and dip the pins into the conjugate contained in a pre-filled microplate and incubate
  extract the rack and wash the pins
3. dip the pins into the chromogenic substrate contained in a pre-filled microplate and incubate

then take out the rack and…
4. ... DONE!!! Your multiple tests are ready for reading

Reading can be performed visually, for screening purposes, or using the commercially available ELISA-readers (TMB: λ = 655 nm; λ = 450 nm when stop solution is added)

Multiple & Portable ELISA Applications

Beyond the laboratory boundaries, cheaply

Multiple & Portable ELISA is specially fitted for optimizing and commercializing:

ELISA ready-to-use lab kits and ELISA on-site kits don’t need skilled personnel and lab equipments, so that:

in the aim of:


In a global scenario, the need of increasing controls can be satisfied joining easiness and handling to the ELISA high sensitivity and specificity: ready-to-use lab kits and on-site kits based on Multiple & Portable ELISA are suitable in:

Human Health

Food Safety

Animal Health

Plant Cultivation

Water Quality