Maleimide coated surfaces

The maleimide coated surfaces offer a powerful instrument for binding biomolecules containing free sulfhydryl groups (e.g. Peptides that contain a terminal cysteine or thiol containing haptens) , or reducible disulfide bonds that are difficult to coat onto polystyrene plates. These coated plates are averyuseful tool for assays requiring site-directed orientation of particular biomolecules especially during antibody production.

At pH 6,5 – 7,5 maleimide reacts with free sulfhydryl groups to yield stable bonds, while the reaction with amines becomes significant at pH > 7,5.

In the case that some sulfhydryl – containing peptides or proteins oxidize in solution and form disulfide bonds, they must be preventively reduced to free sulfhydrils for allowing interaction with maleimide.

Plates are coated at level of 100 μl and blocked with 200 μl of a proprietary blocking reagent to reduce nonspecific binding



96 well microplates

Material: Polystyrene
Quantity per pack: 1 - Quantity per case: 50 or 100

96 wells plate - flat bottom

1x8 flat bottom wells strips on 12 x 8 frame

1x8 flat bottom wells breakable strips on single well holding frame

12x75 mm Tubes

Material: Polystyrene
Quantity per pack: 20 - Quantity per case: 1000 - 2000

Color Code
Clear TS127522-MAL