Tech Notes

Immunoassay Products

0. Products Catalogue – Services Technical Information
1. Surface properties of polystyrene strips for immunological assays
4. Comparison of different types of High Binding capacity polystyrene strips
6. Introduction to the preparation and use of aminated surfaces for immunological assays
7. Functional features of streptavidin coated plates
8. Aminated surfaces
10. High Binding Capacity Surfaces for Immunological Assays
11. No Binding Capacity Surfaces
12. General directions for the use of surfaces with amino and carboxylic groups
14. Protein A coated surfaces
15. General procedure for binding a biomolecule to Concanavalin A coated surface
16. Jacalin coated - Binding specificity
17. General procedure for binding a biomolecule to Wheat Germ coated surface
18. Protein G coated surfaces
19. Evaluation of binding specificity towards monoclonal anti-calmodulin
20. Biotin coated - Evaluation of binding specificity towards Streptavidin-peroxidase conjugate
21. Poly -L-Lysine coated - Stereospecific Binding Activity
22. Poly -L-Lysine coated -Electrostatic Functional Activity
23. Protein A coated - Binding Capacity Test
24. Protein A coated - Sensitivity test
25. Protein A coated - Test for finding and identifying red cell antibodies by means of solid phase method
26. Protein G coated - Binding capacity test
27. Protein G coated - Sensitivity test
28. Jacalin coated - Binding Capacity Test
29. Jacalin coated - Sensitivity test
30. Heparin catcher -typical assays for measuring Heparin (UHF) in saline buffer
31. Hingh binding Streptavidin coated plates
32. Neutravidin coated surfaces
37. Secondary Antibody: Goat anti Mouse IgG
38. Secondary Antibody: Goat anti Rabbit IgG Fc
50. Reagents

Surface Treatments

3. Surface treatment for increasing the lubricity of catheters
5. Surface analysis techniques
9. Technical applications of plasma surface treatment
33. PCR tubes coated with streptavidin
34. PCR tubes coated with protein A - G - A/G